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Painted Zebra Designs consist of items selected by owner Stephanie Jensen; who orders from numerous vendors to offer a variety of items, styles, and sizes. If there is anything on this page you have questions about or styles you like, please email with questions. Thank You.






Enjoy viewing all  Painted Zebra's products offered in our trendy boutique. 

 Products will list prices, sizes, color options, and availability.

If there is an item that you would like to order or interested in,  please contact us. 

Keep in mind that Painted Zebra has low quantities and items sell out fast.

Items ordered over the phone from website will be subject to "in store" exchange only. 

Thank you and happy shopping!





Jean sizes come 1-24 on select styles; and tops range from S to 3X on select styles. Everyone has a different style, size, and price range; that’s why Painted Zebra offers something for everyone.  These are a few denim brands Painted Zebra offers Revolt, Spoon, Cello and L.A. Idol.  Jeans range $30.00 to $75.00 and have a great fit.  You can find a varitety of styles at Painted Zebra.  If you like skulls, peace signs, or Fleur De Lis we have different items to show your style.  If you are looking for a contemporary look; such as skinny jeans a lacey shirt, cardigan, and scarf, this is the store to shop.  a selection of  nice, classy tops and dresses for a special occasion.   If you live in Oregon or anywhere else it rains then you have to check out Painted Zebra’s Jackets and Hoodies. Get your basic hoodie with a cool design or a unique Jacket.

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Painted Zebra has fun jewelry; if you want beautiful Sterling silver with gemstones; like garnet, peridot, citrine, or amethyst. Or casual, flashy, and trendy such as peace sign, wings, and hearts. Painted Zebra has something for every style. Ranging in price our jewelry is a great item to complete your outfit; or give as a gift.

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If you’re local or an online customer you’ll be sure to get a great handbag from Painted Zebra. Painted Zebra like to offer that one of a kind feel for each costumer; by ordering just one of each style. If you like bright, bling, fun, casual, or classy you can find it at Painted Zebra. Handbags range in price from $20 to $60.

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Accessories you outfit with a belt or boots from Painted Zebra; look for more in this category coming soon. Belts are genuine leather and range in size S to XXL; and shoe sizes vary.

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If you want a unique edgy outfit to wear out or just for fun; you can get it here. Get a wide selection of corsets here guaranteed to make you look and feel great. All corsets come with matching undies; there are also Fishnet stockings available for sale. Corsets range in size S to 3X. Painted Zebra corsets can be worn with jeans; see “Fashion” page for example.

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This year Painted Zebra is going to be introducing evening gowns. If you’re going to prom, winter ball, homecoming, or a wedding; you can look for a dress in the store or online. Dresses will have a variety of looks and sizes and be available in store only. Painted Zebra will only order one style per size so no one will have the same dress. If there are certain dress styles you like please send me a message with your input.

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Sassy Costumes:

Sassy Costumes have been a hot seller at Painted Zebra; because there are no costumes like this in the bay area. Local customers are appreciative since most people order these costumes online. Having this item in the store made it possible for local customers to try items on and not pay shipping. This year my items will be available to my online customers as well. Be sure to check them out since Painted Zebra offers very reasonable prices and usually beats other online competitors.

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These stockings are handmade and one of a kind, each stocking is designed and sewn by owner Stephanie. These stockings are good size and very soft,the decorations are amazing and even better in person. There is a variety of animal prints that are made including zebra, cheetah, giraffe, and leopard.  Each picture will have the price included in next to it, each stocking also includes a goodie bag valued at 15.00 (included with purchase) If you see a stocking you like please call and check availability. If you don’t live in the area we can do a credit card over the phone and ship to you. 


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